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Blaze, Flare feedback and developing the Blast

 Just over 1 year ago we launched our first polo boat the Blaze. This was the culmination of a 6 month design and prototype testing process that saw an idea of what was required through to a finished product. As they say though the design process is always on-going and we keep taking on feedback from our clients, as well as our own experience paddling and competing in the boats day in day out........................


Written by James Mitchell — June 16, 2013

Blaze release announced

 Announcing the release of the Blaze polo kayak. New Zealand's first designed and produced polo kayak in the last 10 years. 

After months of testing and extensive feedback from many of the countries top paddlers JC POLO are please to have finally received the mould for our new kayak. We will be starting to manufacture the first orders over the coming weeks. Expect to see a few of these awesome kayaks at a polo tournament near you as we deliver orders and get a few Demo kayaks out to clubs. 

I thought it would be of interest to attach a couple pictures of the Blaze's development for those that are interested in these sort of things.

Below is the plug taking shape. The Plug is the master pattern that we make the final mould from. 

Below are the two prototypes we used for extensive in field testing. As you can see both these versions have plenty of tape on the them from all the holes. These were made from fibreglass and as such were certainly not expected to have lasted as long as they have. Each kayak would have had in excess of 100hrs of game play during testing = 200+ games per kayak. So now you know why we are so certain we have winner in terms of good design. 

Finally we have the mould. Below you can see what the mould looks like. 1st image in the inside of the mould, 2nd image in the outside of the hull mould and the 3rd image is actually the first Blaze being started ;-)

Once we get production sorted out I will be happy for potential clients and those that are interested to come join in the process of making the kayaks. 

First Blaze out of the mould :-)

Prototype Canoe Polo kayak

Hi Guys,

I have had a few queries about the new Polo boat I am working on so I thought that I would post a few images. I paddled this initially on Wednesday and was impressed. First impressions are as follows: 

  • easiest turning polo boat I have ever paddled ( without resorting to a polo boat that is too small for me).
  • nose dips easily.
  • plenty on volume around the knees.
  • cockpit rim is terrible as it cuts thighs (not mine , but people with real thighs).... have work to do on this. 
  • whole seating and cockpit rim needs some work to get up to production stage. 
  • fast and easy acceleration, though will test further.

So I will attempt to play some games tomorrow in the prototype boat. Main interest is how the boat handles defensive work with the lower volumes in the nose and tail. 

Written by James Mitchell — January 20, 2012

First Post

Firstly welcome to my first post for the new website. I am not sure as of yet if this will be a monthly posting or less frequent, guess that time will tell.

Most of you will know me, but for those of you that don’t I am James Mitchell. I have been playing Canoe Polo now for 17 years and most of those at the top level. Still currently playing for the Paddle Blacks (well training and expecting to make the team for the 2012 World Championships at the end of the year) and my club team Vikings. During the last 10 or so years I have dabbled in making/ repairing/ importing and selling Canoe Polo gear; so now I have decided to formalise this and set up JC POLO Ltd. The aim is to simply supply polo gear to the world. 

It would be good if any of you come back to me with some ideas as to what else you think polo people may be interested in other than all the great products I will be selling. Training ideas? / What I am doing? / Commentary on current polo/ gear reviews/ repair tips/ideas for new boat designs? Any other ideas? E-mail me on jamespaddles@gmail.com with any ideas or suggestions. 


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