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Firstly welcome to my first post for the new website. I am not sure as of yet if this will be a monthly posting or less frequent, guess that time will tell.

Most of you will know me, but for those of you that don’t I am James Mitchell. I have been playing Canoe Polo now for 17 years and most of those at the top level. Still currently playing for the Paddle Blacks (well training and expecting to make the team for the 2012 World Championships at the end of the year) and my club team Vikings. During the last 10 or so years I have dabbled in making/ repairing/ importing and selling Canoe Polo gear; so now I have decided to formalise this and set up JC POLO Ltd. The aim is to simply supply polo gear to the world. 

It would be good if any of you come back to me with some ideas as to what else you think polo people may be interested in other than all the great products I will be selling. Training ideas? / What I am doing? / Commentary on current polo/ gear reviews/ repair tips/ideas for new boat designs? Any other ideas? E-mail me on jamespaddles@gmail.com with any ideas or suggestions. 

Written by Shopify — December 06, 2011

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JC POLO supplies and manufactures all your canoe polo needs. WE SHIP WORLDWIDE Contact details: e-mail: jamespaddles@gmail.com phone: (+64) 021684993 NZ Agents http://jcpolo.co.nz/pages/agents