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The Shock kayak is effectively the Blast platform that has been dropped in volume for the 70-85kg paddler. Perhaps another way to think about it is that this is a slightly wider Blaze under the seat tapering off to the same nose and tail. The main advantages are:
-better initial stability
-slightly better acceleration
We have still kept the incredibly easy to dip nose so that you can dominate the contact point without the "Rodeo" style double pump you see the wider nose boats having to use.
The Shock still has the same turn and go characteristics that all our models show.
The testing for this boat has really been taking place for the last year with designer James Mitchell paddling this design at for the last year. Also we have had many of New Zealand's leading polo players try it out to give their feedback including current NZ Paddle Blacks Captain Jed Graham.
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Paddler weight range: 70-85kg

  ICF registered

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