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Frog VEST-DECK Kevlar Deck-polo

Frog Neoprene

Now available in limited numbers

VEST-DECK version of the best deck in the canoe polo world!

The top half is made from a very stretchy waterproof material that allows the polo play a full range of motion. Keeps you warm for those winter training sessions without compromising your skills.....we leave that to the cold hands :-) 

Bottom half is the world famous Kevlar edged polo spray-deck. 4 mm neoprene with Velcro sewn seams, the seams then have reinforced tape. Sculptured waist with adjustable braces. The deck made using a strong-pad neoprene, more resistant to wear than most neoprene. Then there is Kevlar neoprene around the entire edge of the deck making this deck polo-proof! The underside has a latex wear-strip to ensure a great waterproof seal. 


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