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Flash L Polo Kayak

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A wide boat designed for exclusion! Whether on defense or attacking inside the zone the Flash will allow you to boss around the opponents boat and then keep them there. The design allows larger paddlers to go over or under the opposition to your heart’s content. We have designed a boat that is wide right to the ends, though with low volume to allow you to dip either end as required. There is plenty of volume in the middle of the kayak and a larger cockpit perfect for those bigger paddlers to be comfortable. The high volume around the knees allows fantastic control and stability along the lines of a play boat. 
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Paddler weight range: 85kg-99kg

  • Length: 2885mm (no bumbers) 2985mm (including bumpers)
  • Width: 600mm
  • Height: 260mm

Nose and tail width at 100mm back : 260mm wide.

 ICF registered

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