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Double Dutch TWINSPIN VX Polo Paddle

Double Dutch

TWINSPINE VX POLO a revolution in polo paddle blade design. 
DD wanted to make something new, something better but a paddle is a paddle. So what could we change that would improve the performance as well as the quality of the paddle? DD looked closely at what a polo paddle needs to do, and how its used. It needs to be first of all very strong and reliable. A paddles is besides paddling forward and backwards also used to control the ball, stop a ball that is thrown at you and for the goalkeeper to stop the ball going into the goal.
The paddle we created has improvements for all matters and situations. TWINSPINE, means 2 spines on the back sides of the blade instead of 1 in the middle. This increases strength and gives much better ball control. When you stop a ball with the backside of the twinspine blade it will stop and fall down closer to you and your boat than a with a traditional paddle. Because of the hollow backside you also feel more pressure when you paddle backward. VX stands for VORTEX. Vortex is our range of paddles made with the latest technologies and the use of aerospace quality materials.


Blade size / surface / length / paddle weight 
Large / 772 cm2 / 47 cm /  850 gram



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