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CPS Strong Top XS/ S/M/L/XL


NEW SIZE XS is now available 

This is the boat for you if you want a strong long lasting kayak that is light.

The boat is made of 100% Carbon Pre-preg, seamless single piece construction, air pressure with compression molding.
Carbon prepreg has an optimal proportion of fibers and resin. Hence, CPS Strong Top has reinforced, impact- resistant hull. Excellent strength.

Agility features: quick and responsive , plus outstanding nose control.

Special bottom-hull ridge design makes the boat not only faster, but exceptionally maneuverable as well.

These boats are seriously light weight while being incredibly strong. 

Strong Top now comes in 5 Sizes:

Extra Large

-Length 298.5cm with bumpers / Width tba / Depth tba cm
-Boat Volume/ weight: tba/ 9.5kg
-Perfect for 86kg up to 106kg paddler

-Length 298.5cm with bumpers / Width 58.5cm / Depth 26.70cm
-Boat Volume/ weight: 185L/ 9.5kg
-Perfect for 75kg up to 95kg paddler

-Length 298.5cm with bumpers / Width about 60cm / Depth tba
-Boat Volume: tba
-Perfect for 65kg up to 85kg paddler:

-Length 292cm with bumpers / Width 58cm / Depth 25cm
-Boat weight: 8.5kg
-Perfect for 55kg up to 75kg paddler

-Length 288cm with bumpers / Width 56cm / Depth 24cm
-Boat weight: 8.5kg
-Perfect for 45kg up to 55kg paddler Small:


All models come with

-Integrated bumper
-Adjustable seat
-Aluminum Footrest included
-ICF registered manufacturer

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