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FX Large Polo Kayak- size 7 and 8 PROTOTYPING

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PROTOTYPING NOW (first prototype delayed until 25th April)

Drop us a line if you are wanting to be part of process or trialing of the new model
NEW FOR 2021
Available in 2 "cuts" to ensure best fit for the individual:
Size 7 and Size 8
The FX is our newest series we have designed. This is a fast full length kayak. 
  • Super clean lines!!!
  • Fast
  • Maneuverable 
  • Adjustable seat available so you can set up exactly how you want the waterline
  • Comfortable 
  • stable 
We have worked a design that takes on some of the successful design ques from the Shock, but have made some changes, especially in the secondary stability. We have incorporated wider hips and a flatter hull. We are still keeping that nose that allows single stroke nose dips without a double pump or cutting motion to allow great range of options for the elite players. 
The low profile ends allow extreme maneuverability on offense and defense while still having plenty of volume in the middle of the kayak to protect the zone.
Length: 298cm
Width: ???cm going to play a wee bit first
TO SEE LARGE PICTURES: right click image, and open in new Tab. Sorry the functionality of the website doesn't seem to offer other options.
More images to come soon.


Paddler weight range: 80-100kg (draft)

  ICF registered


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